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My name is Gary Brown and my interest is in helping homeowners realize how mortgage choices made today can benefit them tomorrow.
My interest in financial matters started after an inglorious start in the stock market. I quickly learned that it pays to be better informed than I was at the time. That caused me to start an investment club with a group of friends and I’ve been interested in the world of personal finances ever since.
I’ve also learned that success, by whatever measure, occurs when preparation meets opportunity. When I had the opportunity to get involved in the mortgage industry, I felt adequately prepared to shift my career focus in this direction.
Obtaining the right mortgage involves a number of individual choices. None of us can predict the future, so I think that it is important to make choices today that provide for the greatest flexibility tomorrow.
I enjoy helping people and there is no greater satisfaction for me than to know that I’ve helped someone in a very positive manner. It has been and continues to be a gratifying journey.


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